Mocha, espresso drinks

Café mocha = chocolate + 1 shot espresso + steamed milk + whipped cream/froth Advertisements

French press review, Monday cup

This Monday I review a mystery French press.

Dr. Oz Greek coffee

Learn tasseography and the secret to Dr. Oz’s immortality!

Greek coffee

Brewing Greek coffee = 1/3 sludge (grounds) + 2/3 strong coffee + crema (foam) Are you a man? Then you should drink Greek coffee- drink it black! Chug it down! Observe the thick black sludge at the bottom of your cup and laugh a manly laugh. Nice try sludge, but even you cannot deter me from […]

Greek coffee, coffee, espresso

WHAT: One damn strong little cup of coffee. Greek coffee is like a ferocious mini-hybrid of an espresso and the french press technique. Building a cup of Greek coffee involves directly mixing, boiling, and serving the coffee grounds, water, and sugar (optional) all together.

Capuchin cappuccino

Cappuccino links, which I feel both good and bad about:

coffee, cappuccino, espresso

Cappuccino = 1/3 espresso + 1/3 steamed milk + 1/3 foam

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Hey guys, sorry for the absence recently. It’s finals week and apparently papers still don’t write themselves.

pour-over coffee, coffee, love

Some resources on how to create pour-over coffee, the best tools to use, and an angry article.

coffee, pour-over coffee

WHAT: The pour-over brewing method is one that I’m seeing increasingly at coffee houses. While it takes a little bit more love and attention (and time) to create a cup of pour-over coffee, it’s totally worth it. Here’s why:

coffee, mexican coffee beans, medium roast

WHAT: 12 ounce medium roast coffee made from mexican coffee beans. Added a dash of raw sugar.